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Thread: What book(s) are you reading right now?

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    Just finished a biography on Groucho Marx. It is VERY detailed and long, but I enjoyed it.

    Started reading the new Beastie Boys book.
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    The Beastie Boys book was a good read. While it wasn't a straight-forward exact telling of their history, more so a bunch of stories that tells about their rise and fame, it kept me reading every day.

    Now moved on to Akira Kurosawa's Something Like an Autobiography.
    It's a very enlightening look into the early part of his life and film career. It's great to read how he took negative aspects in his life and saw them as real learning lessons.
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    I'm not reading anything now. I'm looking for an interesting book for me. The last book I read is Green King written by Paul Lou Sulitser. I really liked the book, it was written easily and interestingly. I don't want a spoiler, so if you are interested, then here is an official description of the book. I really like the main character of this book, but I never know what is in his head. I like the principles that guided this person. Although he has enough flaws. I don't like too perfect heroes. It's important for me that they are as close to real people as possible.

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