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Thread: Amazing new find

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    Amazing new find

    This turned up through some random dealer who had no knowledge of its history. I have no background information on it, though the colors seem to speak for themselves.

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    Re: Amazing new find

    Whatever it is, it looks really cool!!! Was it sold to you as a prototype??
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    Re: Amazing new find

    Thats a real cool piece

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    Re: Amazing new find

    Looks like John A has been hard at work in his basement again.... First it was Inner Circle Bootlegs, now he has progressed to prototypes. Where will the insanity stop??

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    Re: Amazing new find

    Looks like someone's been taking chrome again.
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    Re: Amazing new find

    I was there when this amazing find was unearthed by Chris. Let's just say it left those of us who met up at the Greensboro toy show speechless. As I was driving home I regretted not offering some major cash to Chris for this piece, or at least trade some of my coveted R2 items. In retrospect, Chris is a "keeper of the hobby", and this rare find should always stay with him. "Original 21" protos are exceedingly rare. I'm sure it keeps a spot next to Chris' amazing prototype collection.
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    Re: Amazing new find

    So is this thing real or not? Or is it just stripped of it's chrome and parts dyed different colors? I NEED to know
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    Re: Amazing new find

    It's a death star droid that fell into a rainbow colored vat of paint. That's all.
    Great find.


    PS: To Bryan, I just noticed your signature line, I think I laughed for a good solid five minutes. That's Great...
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    Re: Amazing new find

    Neat looking piece, Sparky. Dare I ask if you bought it as a prototype or if the dealer sold it as a novelty? Either way those colors make that a killer piece. Congrats!

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    Re: Amazing new find

    Where did that come from? Weird looking limbs..

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