I recently got an ESB C-3PO off eBay. It's a 41-back original C-3PO... which is pretty common so I waited until I found a great deal.

Anyway, I took it out and immediately thought "geez... that's one gold C-3PO." Then I sort of put it on my shelf and didn't think about it for a while. I was looking for a good Show & Tell item for the http://PSWCS.com Summer Social on Saturday, and figured my latest 3PO would do. I saw it compared to my other 30 MOC 3POs and it REALLY struck me... "damn... that's one freakishly gold C-3PO!!" At first I thought it was about a Takara-sculpt 3PO gold... because those are a lot deeper of a gold than US Kenner 3POs. But in comparing it's actually more gold than even a Takara! It's very nearly, but not quite, the same hue of gold as the new PlaySkool 2" 3PO that came with the Millenium Falcon playset. And I mean... those things are like honey.

This 3PO is far and away the goldest one in my Vintage collection. So I thought I'd post a pic and get your reactions. I know the factories didn't use a real consistent mix of dyes in their 3PO chrome... so they go from gold to almost silver. But I've never seen one this gold before. I'm now very happy I used that BIN.

Note that I didn't color correct this photo in any way... just shot it & cropped it.