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Thread: Naboo Celebration Padme

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    Naboo Celebration Padme

    Padme is a figure that Hasbro always makes good (well except for the Arena Escape version) but other wise the Wedding Padme and Tatooine Padme are pretty average figures (with some incredable details, we've heard of a few rumours that a Celebration Padme from Episode 1 is in the works and is coming out next year.

    This figure is long over due and welcome to the my collection. I just hope she comes with the globe of piece and has a head that looks like Portman.

    Any thoughts on Celebration Padme?

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    Re: Naboo Celebration Padme

    Looking foward to getting all of them. Hasbro will mess up something. It's what there good at.

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    Re: Naboo Celebration Padme

    This figure is ridiculously overdue.
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    Re: Naboo Celebration Padme

    Originally posted by Darth Broem:
    This figure is ridiculously overdue.
    <font size="2" face="arial">And then some... [IMG]images/icons/grin.gif[/IMG]

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    Re: Naboo Celebration Padme

    Indeed. I'm certainly looking forward to one.

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    Re: Naboo Celebration Padme

    By the time it comes out it would be 5 years since the movie was released so it's nice to know Hasbro finally got around to it. [IMG]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/IMG]

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    Re: Naboo Celebration Padme

    Looks pretty good, Way better than Rabe. I like the fact that she has elbow articulation, I wasn't expecting it on both arms. The cape looks pretty good. I like the face, and the crown is well done as well. Too bad the cape doesn't have light yellow fading on the bottom. Will pick one of these up!

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    Re: Naboo Celebration Padme

    Now I have to get this figure. I think they did a great job on the likeness IMO. Hope the peace ball is good.
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