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Thread: New Type of Acrylic Display Cases Available Soon

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    New Type of Acrylic Display Cases Available Soon

    Hello Everyone. Shortly, we will launch the new ToyCases.Com website.

    We will offer custom acrylic cases for all types of toys. These cases look nearly identical to the AFA style cases, but have a sliding bottom. These offer a great display opportunity for those who don't like the idea of sending their figures off to be graded by AFA but like the look of the cases. These cases also offer polished soft plastic rails to better hold your action figures. These cases will have polished rail edges to avoid scratching figures which may be removed and put back in place. The cases also feature all clear sides and completely polished grooves and edges. There is a small handle and stopper to slide the bottom door open and to hold it in place when closed. Also, being that a high quality acrylic is used, they should be at least 50% UV resistant. They can also be manufactured to be completely UV resistant for an additional charge. Common sized cases will be stocked. These will include 2 depths for vintage Star Wars, 4 depths for the modern Star Wars line, 3 depths for Starting Lineup, and several designs for foreign carded figures and sizes for each 12" doll. Standard cases will also fit GI Joe and many other brands. Other sizes for Masters of the Universe, Transformers, and virtually every other toy line can be ordered and ready within 2-4 weeks. Any boxed item can also have a case designed for it. When the site goes live, there will be several hundred sizes ready for order. Prices on standard Star Wars figure cases will start at $12 each, foreign carded will start at $18, and dolls and 3-packs will start at $30. These prices will offer a true bargain as the craftsmanship will far exceed the Protech cases which now comprise the majority of the market. Please email me with feedback, suggestions, or pre-order requests.

    Thank You

    Tom [IMG]images/icons/smile.gif[/IMG]

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    Re: New Type of Acrylic Display Cases Available Soon

    I'll be sticking with my $1.00, sturdy, clear, and very protective Star Cases.

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    Re: New Type of Acrylic Display Cases Available Soon

    those are very nice, but for 12$ a piece, i doubt i could afford to case up my 400 carded figures...

    but i understand the 12$ price tag - i think. and for vintage figures it might be a great investment...but at 12$, they'd be more expensive than most of modern figures even are.

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    Re: New Type of Acrylic Display Cases Available Soon

    These are cool, probably not a route for an entire collection, but Ill definately pick up some for my more special figures (TF Vader, Sacul, Silver R2) and my two vintage figures.

    Will you include instructions on how to properly measure to get the correct bubble size, or will you have listings of figures with the case that fits them?
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    Re: New Type of Acrylic Display Cases Available Soon

    Yeah those are nice cases. Definitely not for an entire collection, as BigDumbWookie said.

    The price isn't competitive though. Whole Sale Cases still has their own ProTech acrylic case for $10.95. Granted, that's not a whole lot different, but it's still cheaper.
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    Re: New Type of Acrylic Display Cases Available Soon

    It is true that we cannot really compete dollar for dollar with the Protech cases. However, the quality of craftsmanship and superior quality of materials is worth far more than the extra $1-2. These are manufactured in the United States by acrylic professionals while the Protech cases are made in China in mass quantities. The Protech cases have some brittle parts which break easily. I can guarantee these are much sturdier with much more attention to detail.

    Thank You for your interest

    Tom [IMG]images/icons/smile.gif[/IMG]

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    Re: New Type of Acrylic Display Cases Available Soon

    May pick some up for my vintage. Are there any quanity discounts? You guys are in my area. I would get them if I could pick them up.
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    Re: New Type of Acrylic Display Cases Available Soon

    You would be able to pick them up and we will be offering quantity discounts at 50 and 100. We may offer $11 at 20 or more.

    Thank You for your interest

    Tom [IMG]images/icons/smile.gif[/IMG]

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    Re: New Type of Acrylic Display Cases Available Soon

    Since we ( were mentioned here, and the other posts seem to be advertising related, I guess it's fair to point out that the price on our Protech acrylic cases comes down to $8.95 on a purchase of just 5, and even further when you order 20 or more.

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    Re: New Type of Acrylic Display Cases Available Soon

    What I want to know is, are these new acrylic cases gonna come in sizes big enough to hold figs like Ephant Mon?

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