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Thread: Community Watch For Bad Buyers/Sellers/Traders

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    Re: Community watch for Bad Traders

    I just wanted to add my personal dealings with this Evan Goodman fellow. On the 17 of June he contacted me about a trade. He was to send me Jorg Sacul and R3-T7 in return for 5 or 6 of my loose playsets. I knew the deal was too good to be true but I figured that maybe this guy had an extra and wanted the playsets. That is until he sent me his address. It looked familiar and I checked here and Jawa/Sandtroopers and there it was! He also goes by the name of When I let him know I was on to him here is what he replied with (taken from our IM conversation).

    Ratbat11: oh no I am way down south from there
    TheDestroyer2000: do u have an extra djas?
    Ratbat11: no I don't have any Djas at all
    TheDestroyer2000: oh
    TheDestroyer2000: i got an extra palp ..
    Ratbat11: hey I hate to say this but your name and address sounded familiar to me. And I cam across some bad stuff about you on Rebelscum and the Jawa
    TheDestroyer2000: tru u prolly have
    TheDestroyer2000: ive read them all
    TheDestroyer2000: whats ur point?
    TheDestroyer2000: ill give u refs and a picture
    Ratbat11: I want to make the trade with you but I am gonna have to ask that you send first if you don't mind
    TheDestroyer2000: yeah i mind
    TheDestroyer2000: ill go same day with tracking ok?
    Ratbat11: ok when do you want to go?
    TheDestroyer2000: lets see tomorrow if ur trading MOTDS k?
    Ratbat11: ok I will let you know tomorrow about the MOTDS. I should hear from the guy by then
    TheDestroyer2000: if not?
    Ratbat11: then we can work on something else to replace the MOTDS
    Ratbat11: what happened at the Jawa?
    TheDestroyer2000: u have nothing else i need
    TheDestroyer2000: lets not talk about it
    Ratbat11: lol, ok
    TheDestroyer2000: i gtg to sleep
    TheDestroyer2000: im going to wake at 7 am to check walmart
    Ratbat11: ok talk to you tomorrow

    This guy thought I was some dumb*****!
    Anyway I led him to believe that the trade was still on in the slim hopes that he was actually sincere with our trade. He stated that he sent out the Friday before 7/4 and nothing ever came.

    Glad his name and addy caught my attention.


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    Re: Community watch for Bad Traders

    TheJackal/Nick Burke

    PLEASE under no circumstance buy or trade with TheJackal/Nick Burke. First of all he won’t pack your figures. I bought Fode & Beed and Kaadu w/ Jar Jar and the guy sent them in a paper bag. They arrived totally destroyed. On top of that he had said that both were MOMC, but there are marks from where the price tags were ripped off. Then I emailed him and told him what a clown he was for sending the things like that (in a paper bag). He then had the audacity to email me back and tell me it was my fault. Why? Because I didn't pay him to ship it better.

    PLEASE, please, please. Never trade with or buy from this person.



    Here is all of his information

    Rebelscum name: TheJackal

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    Here is a link to the original thread I posted…;f=21;t=003891

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    Re: Community watch for Bad Traders

    Originally posted by General Veers:
    Rebelscum name: TheJackal
    Nick Burke
    <font size="2" face="arial">Come on Burke! Don't be an *****. You're giving us Canadians a bad name. If you want to be a ***** go on eBay. It's hard enough to get good stuff here and if you keep pulling crap like what you've done here no one will want to deal with us.

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    Re: Community watch for Bad Traders

    Ok General...and everyone else... enough is enough!
    First... I sent you MOMC... I bought the item's two years ago from a collector store in Kelowna BC and they don't put price tags on their stuff!

    Second... The two items were wrapped together in their origninal boxes, wrapped with brown parcel paper. They should have easily survived normal delivery. Obviously they did not.

    Third... I offered you a refund for the items. I felt bad that this had happened to you... and tried to do the right thing...

    However... your counter to my proposal was...
    1. That you wanted a refund for the items damaged in the mail...
    2. That you wanted a refund for the cost of the mail delivery...
    3. That you keep the figures and not send them back to me...

    We were unable to come to an agreement, in spite of my best efforts...and your constantly abusive attitude ended our discussions.

    And one more thing General... at least I continue to show respect by not revealing your name and address for the world to see. And...
    Thank you,

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    Re: Community watch for Bad Traders

    Well hopefully you two can work this out now that both of you are present.

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    Re: Community watch for Bad Traders


    Hello Nick remember me???? I'm known as TopJedi here at Rebel Scum....but maybe you would better remember me better as GungHo from GL's Ultimate Soldier board!

    Nick Burke is a scam and will screw you over if given the chance like he has Veers and whoever else.

    I had a major trade with Nick in which I sent him a ton of vintage SW stuff in exchange for a large lot of 1/6 scale military soldier odds and ends whic I was collecting at the time....I sent my end but never saw his...ever.I asked him to send my end back after at least a month and all he did was whine and complain about how he had no money.He was also very rude,and told me that he wouldn't refund the $30 shipping charges that I paid to get the stuff to him.After about 2 months he sent my stuff back...just tossed in a POS box without proper protection and that was it.I can tell you all that Nick does not have a good rep at the soldier board that I use to hang at.....he's known as a very rude,slow, and abnoxious trader.

    See Nick,it pays to be honest.....plain and em' and weep! [IMG]images/icons/mad.gif[/IMG]

    To anyone who may have questions concerning this ,please feel free to e-mail me.Thanks, Brian TopJedi

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    Re: Community watch for Bad Traders

    It is with great dismay that I finally add someone to this list.

    Sark 71

    I realize some people have had good trades here with this guy and I had decent communication with him up until the point he stopped responding. We began a trade in May and it is now August. I have sent him patient, polite e-mails once a week since communication broke off, up until last week.

    I sent him my three figures, he confirmed receipt and even told me of an error that he made when he sent the figures I was to receive to another person who subsequently refused to send them back. Now, that sucks and all, but I am the one who ended up being screwed. To that end, consider this negative feedback.

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    Re: Community watch for Bad Traders

    this is my first negative experience sinds i begon collecting.i'm being screwed by someone who's not on the forums, it's:

    guido clasen
    [address edited by moderator]

    i traded some carded fig's with him for vintage potf fig's about 5 months ago, after two months i recieved some fig's and didn't hear anything from him anymore. at that time comunication was all from my side because his kid was ill and i can understand that, but i can't understand that still 3 months later he doesn't response to my emails anymore and i still didn't recieve the lando general.

    watch out for this one.

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    Re: Community watch for Bad Traders

    Just wanted to drop a note that a new member to the forums by the name of "WAI" from Hong Kong is a bad trader.

    He still owes me and several others for trades done 2 years ago over at SSG. He pops up about once a year and trys to rip people off. He has promised me off and on for the last 2 years he would send me something to compensate me for stealing my 12" Luke Stormtrooper w/ Dianoga from me and has yet to do so.

    Currently looking for Rebel Soldier, Nien Nunb, General Madine, Romba & Squid Head prototypes/pre-production items (Figural or Packaging)

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    Re: Community watch for Bad Traders

    If you are trading with Ryjam282, or thinking of doing so, think again! I traded with him about a month ago and this is what I was to receive:
    AOTC R2 w/insert
    Ep 1 TC-14
    POTF2 Luke Jedi Black Vest orange card
    POTF2 Luke Jedi BROWN vest (outie version) Orange card
    POTF2 Luke X-wing long saber Orange card
    POTF2 Darth Vader long saber Orange card
    POTF2 Boba Fett (Full circles on hands) Orange card
    POTF2 Original Luke w/ blaster pistol and LONG SABER Orange card
    Freeze Frame Pote Snitkin
    GC Emperor Plapatine
    FF Princess Leia (Jabba's Prisoner)
    This is what I received:
    AOTC R2 w/insert - missing!!!
    Ep 1 TC-14 - soft bottom corners!!!
    POTF2 Luke Jedi Black Vest orange card - major card damage and creases!!!
    POTF2 Luke Jedi BROWN vest (outie version) Orange card - fine.
    POTF2 Luke X-wing long saber Orange card - major card crease, curled card!!!
    POTF2 Darth Vader long saber Orange card - curled card and crease!!!
    POTF2 Boba Fett (Full circles on hands) Orange card- creased and curled card!!!
    POTF2 Original Luke w/ blaster pistol and LONG SABER Orange card - ok
    Freeze Frame Pote Snitkin - curled and creased card!!!
    GC Emperor Plapatine - fine
    FF Princess Leia (Jabba's Prisoner) - curled and creased card!!!
    His packing job was careless at best and that is the reason why all but 3 of the figures I received were damaged. The absence of the R2-D2 is still a mystery to me as he has avoided the issue. He admitted to being irresponsible with his packing job. And promised to compensate me and send the R2-D2 as well. After a 2 weeks of waiting, I sent a polite inquiry and received an email telling me he had much better things to do than wait in line at the post office. I sent another recently and received no response. I finally sent him an email telling him I would like to avoid posting this and he replied, "nice threat big boy. do what you will." He obviously has brewed some contempt of me for one reason or another. I feel this response is completely unwarrented and I will obviously be out an R2 unit and get the shaft in the trade due to the condition of what I received. He received my figures in great shape and was sincerely apologetic to begin and it has progressively gone down hill. I would save yourself the trouble. You can't rely on him to compensate for his mistakes and as far as I know he isn't too concerned with modifying his packing approach. I abide by the unwritten laws of the honest trader and had it been him that received figures in the condition I did, I would have compensated him fairly. I'd be wary and specific when trading with Ryjam282. He is not a man of his word and he has destroyed my faith in my fellow trader for the time-being. I hope this can help promote the importance of checking up on other traders and the need to be specific and assured that your package will be protected and if not, you will be compensated fairly. Watch your back!

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