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Thread: All items $3 each..

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    All items $3 each..

    Heres what's available, I do prefer a $6 minimum. PayPal payments and trades per my trade list gladly accepted!

    Trade Items:

    POTF 2 RC R2-D2
    POTF 2 GC Stormtrooper
    POTF 2 GC Sandtrooper
    POTF 2 GC Malakili
    POTF 2 GC Luke as Stromy FF
    POTF 2 GC R2D2 w/ Launching LS FBF
    POTJ Dagobah Vader
    POTJ Lando Calrissian
    POTJ Slave Leia w/ SBC (Loose)
    POTJ C3-P0 Palmtalker (Loose)
    AOTC Shelftalker Displays


    Star Wars Insider feat. Jango Fett + Zam Wesell
    Boba Fett: Crossfire (book)
    BJ's Two Pack: Mace Windu w/ Jango Fett
    Celebration 2 Jango Fett Pass
    Slave One vs Starfighter poster (Rolled)
    Any Jango Fett promotional items
    Any European/Oriental Jango Fett items
    MOMC Fat Tony: Simpsons Celebrity Series
    MOMC Mark Goodman: Simpsons Celebrity Series
    MOMC Hank Scorpio: Simpsons Celebrity Series
    Comic Book Guy Playset MIP
    Toyfare Comic Book Guy MIP
    Jimbo Jones w/ Noiseland Arcade MIP
    MuuMuu Homer w/ Kitchen MIP

    I will trade the lot for a Celebration 2 Jango Fett pass or Comic Book Guy playset, half the lot for the BJ's Two Pack or Hank Scorpio, as these are my priority items.

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    Re: All items $3 each..

    I'd be interested in:

    POTF 2 GC Luke as Stromy FF
    POTF 2 GC R2D2 w/ Launching LS FBF
    POTJ Dagobah Vader

    How are the card conditions for them? Also, I don't like using paypal so wondering if you accept MO's.

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    Re: All items $3 each..

    All items are now pending, thanks for the interest! [IMG]images/icons/grin.gif[/IMG]

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    Re: All items $3 each..

    What department had the Jango Fett pass? I went and have a Staff and an Exhibitor badge somewhere in the Vast Accumulation that is my apartment.
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    Re: All items $3 each..

    Pretty sure it was the regular Saturday pass. Oh well, I got it and now I am happy!

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