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Thread: Epic Collections 4-6

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    Epic Collections 4-6

    Were Epic Collections set 4-6 ever released domestically or just via the 1-800-Galoob number and overseas?

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    Re: Epic Collections 4-6

    Unfortunately they never saw a domestic release. There's a set somewhere on eBay right now though
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    Re: Epic Collections 4-6

    I have a complete set and am glad I have them.

    I was jsut wondering a bit about their distribution. I have heard a couple people claim they found them at the clearance KB stores in factory outlet malls

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    Re: Epic Collections 4-6

    Thanks DockingBay for putting these up for sale and helping out fellow Galoob fans! How much are you going to sell them for?

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    Re: Epic Collections 4-6

    oops, I didn't mean it that way. I meant I have a complete set finally for my collection. I have just recently sold my extra sets.

    Sorry for the confusion

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    Re: Epic Collections 4-6

    Man, I wish I would have been around when you sold your extras. The set on eBay now starts at $110 and I'm sure it will rise. Plus the seller is from japan so you know airmail shipping will be outrageous. Ouch!

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    Re: Epic Collections 4-6

    Actually, I think I have bought some from that seller and shipping was not that bad.

    I sold my Dark Forces Rising I think 2 nights ago.

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    Re: Epic Collections 4-6

    Jedi Field Commander HERE are my pics of those Epic sets . I happened to find mine some years ago on ebay, through a Canadian seller.

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    Re: Epic Collections 4-6

    what are the 4-6 ones? [IMG]images/icons/shocked.gif[/IMG]

    #I have the first 3 but wha\t are the second three. If you can post pics please do!!!!

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    Re: Epic Collections 4-6

    IV Dark Apprentice with Probot, Dorsk 81, Exar Kun, Lando, Expanded B-Wing and the Tafanda Bay

    V Dark Force Rising with Borsk Fey'lya, Emperor Palpatine, Garm Bel Iblis, X-Wing, the Coral Vanda and a Scimitar Assault Bomber

    VI The Courtship of Princess Leia with Leia, Prince Isolder, Gethzerion, AT-ST, the Mon Remonda, and a Hapes Nova Battle cruiser

    I will post pics when I can....

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