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Thread: Epic Collections 4-6

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    I've only just recently found out these exist. I'd love to get them but I don't suppose they come up for sale very often either, and probably out my price range when they do.
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    You're correct - very expensive, and they rarely go up for sale. The only ship I own is the Mon Remonda, they are resin casts of the original, which I painted. I'd love to own more, but I'll never pay the asking price for the originals. There is a loose Mon Remonda on ebay for over $120! Or you can buy the Courtship of Princess Leia set for $350 - absurd. Another lunatic listing has the set for $700! haha

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    It's crazy how expensive and HTF these are, when the first three are common as dirt to this day!

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    Used to have all three (along with every other Micro Machine) until I sold them when I decided to go all Titanium and diecast. Found these on eBay though if anyone is interested:

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