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Thread: My Custom Battle Damaged Darth Vader

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    My Custom Battle Damaged Darth Vader

    My newest custom figure! Battle Damaged Darth Vader!

    Base Figure, 40th Anniversary Darth Vader, custom head, NECA Terminator parts for robotic arm and left leg damage. imgur link for more photos

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    "Impressive, most impressive" - I already praised your work in the 6" customs thread, but it's worth saying it again. Great work
    "Without respect - we reject!"

    My custom Hoth Rebel Turret thread

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    Battered but still standing! The custom headsculpt is especially impressive- instantly recognizable as Anakin.

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    This is awesome! Well done and love the custom head. This would make an awesome official Hasbro release.
    "Ya koon tacha poonoo nee sah, gee." [Your mind powers will not work on me, boy] - Jabba the Hutt

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