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Thread: Bantha WARNING! (by Sexton and smith creations)

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    Bantha WARNING! (by Sexton and smith creations)

    It has come to my attention and I just feel it should be known to the collecting world of vintage Star Wars figures that the bantha that sexton creations and Sith Lord creations has put together is based on a custom! The photo that he supposedly drew inspiration from is of a mock up. It is a custom that was commissioned for the Canterbury Star Wars exhibit. This photo is a mock up this is a link to the can see this piece pictured here about half way down

    As for this being the first time someone attempted this....false. It’s documented here at scum. There has been several before him. Mine being I think one of the first in 2010 and the finished piece in 2013 Plenty more pics in my photo gallery........but it’s not who did it first. In the customizing community we all copy or are inspired by others work. But every once and a while somebody captures the very essence of what might have been and it is an almost unspoken acceptance...... that’s the one. He has self proclaimed himself as the genius behind the sculpt but that is false. It would be different if he simply said I have drawn inspiration from the customizing community. You don’t have to name drop . We don’t work that way in the customizing community. Only too glad to see someone put it into production for those who can’t sculpt. Just be honest.....that’s all. They have been shadowed by controversy .......there was never a Bantha prototype! Just thought you all should know. Yes Sexton is very talented and yes I am in favour of this piece being made available and if you do purchase one realize it is only a custom not a prototype reproduction.
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    I think you should give Sexton the benefit of the doubt. I mean the way it's displayed in the exhibit and the way the photo with the caption is presented it leads one to believe it was an unproduced Kenner prototype. It's only in the text of the article that the writer indicates it was custom, and he was surprised to learn that himself. And he doesn't even tell the reader who actually did it. Someone just looking at the photos without being told wouldn't know the truth necessarily.

    In an interview with Retroblasting, Micheal French didn't know the Bantha from the photo wasn't a Kenner prototype. Sexton indicated in the interview that he sculpted his Bantha based solely on that one photo with the Star Wars logo and the text "Kenner's unproduced toys 1986". He also indicated that he wasn't connected to the Star Wars collecting/customizing community until he was commissioned to do the Bantha.

    I mean it's good to know where the original sculpt originated from, but I don't think it was a deliberate effort to not give the original custom sculptor credit. I think he thought it was a photo of a prototype. And in thinking so, he mentioned that he thought he needed to copy the photo as closely as possible in order to faithfully re-create the toy he thought Kenner meant to produce.

    So, who is the sculptor of the custom exhibit piece anyway? I think there may be more to the story than we know. I do wonder why Smith Lord Creations didn't reach out to the person who originally sculpted the Bantha and commission him/her to do one for mass production?
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    Retro blasting is awful.
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    Smith Lord knows how to do great marketing!
    He gave Retroblasting, The Junkman, Toy Polloi and Analog toys free samples to review.
    They know their customer based

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    I don’t disagree......just want potential customers to know what they are purchasing. So no one is mislead.
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    Retro blasting is awful.

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    Why "awful", gents? Curious



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