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Thread: Gentle Giant Statues and busts

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    Gentle Giant Statues and busts

    Shipping not included in prices
    Boxes included for all except Zuckuss
    Poe Dameron $25
    Rey SOLD
    FO TK $50
    FO snowrooper $30
    Zuckuss $30 (no box)
    Han with medal $50
    Tie Pilot SOLD
    Deathtrooper $35
    Stormtrooper $30

    Deathtrooper $100
    Animated Luke $60
    Animated Anakin $75

    Non Gentle Giant Pieces:
    Disney Darth Maul Donald Star Wars Weekends 2011 $500
    Disney Aurra Sing Daisy $70
    Kotobukiya Kylo $100

    Open to trade offers as well

    [IMG]20190918_133936 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133930 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133758 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133754 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133750 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133721 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133714 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133703 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133805 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133814 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133836 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    Rey Sold
    TIE Pilot Sold
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