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Thread: Multiple Sideshow figures and various statues for sale

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    Multiple Sideshow figures and various statues for sale

    Sideshow Figures (shipping not included in price all include original box and are complete)
    Commander Praji imperial officer $100
    Blackhole Stormtrooper $150
    Luke ROTJ $80
    Luke ANH Exclusive $80
    Yoda $100
    Cantina environment $180
    Han Solo Bespin $50
    Probe droid $225
    Dewback $1300
    Hot Toys Kylo $180
    Hot Toys Phasma $150

    (if any other non Sideshow pieces in pictures are of interest let me know!)
    Also open to trade offers

    [IMG]20190918_133703 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133709 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133714 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133721 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133919 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]20190918_133925 by James Cole, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    $1300 for the dewback is that correct ?

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    yeah its hard to tell what they go for these days will update it if I can find some more recent sales

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    also have a boxed Bib Fortuna somewhere if anyone is interested

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