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Thread: Goldleaderone's Mancave

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    Goldleaderone's Mancave

    I've waited so long to make a thread in this section. I closed on a house in January of 2018, and after some work done on the house I moved in April of that year. I recently said screw it and finally bought more bookcases and got my collection out. I don't like how most of the vehicles are cluttered together, but I'm not a fan of hanging them from the ceiling. I'm still working on some stuff, but for the most part this is the main setup.

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    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your collection and everything is well organized!

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    Very nicely done!!! I am working on my room and this gives me a few ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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    Nice room. I could really use a space like that. And nice to see another Sox fan.

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    Did you make that Tie Defender yourself? Really great stuff.
    Just like the time I could have met Mr. T at the mall. The entire day, I kept saying, "l'll go a little later, I'll go a littler later..." And when I got there, they told me he just left. And when I asked the mall guy if he'll ever come back again, he said he didn't know. Well, I'm never going to let something like that happen again!

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    A good collection. Love the X Wing pilots display.
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    Thank you all! It's so nice to get everything on display.

    Quote Originally Posted by r2d6kelly View Post
    Nice room. I could really use a space like that. And nice to see another Sox fan.
    Thanks! Go Sox! Tough year this year. I won free tickets from work last month, I'll be at Fenway this Saturday. Two rows behind home plate.

    Quote Originally Posted by sharky View Post
    Did you make that Tie Defender yourself? Really great stuff.
    Thanks! I didn't, someone in a facebook group did. He also recently made me an E-wing as well, but I did the painting on that one. I should post that soon.

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    I bought another Billy Bookcase from Ikea and did a bit more organizing. The cube organizers are now on the ground. They are just a little shorter than the wall shelf, so it worked perfectly. On the wall shelf, the Billy Bookcases are just short of 3 inches to the edge. This was the perfect spot for my titaniums. I now have a bigger shelf for my Shadows of the Empire collection. I plan on getting more acrylic stands for the vehicles, especially the A-wings and Snowspeeders. I would use the landing gear on the OT A-wings but heard they break after some time so I don't want to risk it.

    Curse my love of vehicles! lol

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