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Thread: FS: 1980 Kenner Star Wars ESB 2-1B 41 Back-D MOC (SOLD)

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    FS: 1980 Kenner Star Wars ESB 2-1B 41 Back-D MOC (SOLD)

    $210 Shipped in the US.
    No dents, dings or lifting to the bubble. Card is in near perfect shape. Ships in a star case and double boxed.

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    Is it beautiful?
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    Quote Originally Posted by StarWarsBus View Post
    Is it beautiful?
    It is. Pristine shape.

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    bubble looks yellowed / discolored
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    WTB:any ESB Rebel Soldier Proof card
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam_L View Post
    bubble looks yellowed / discolored
    its the background and the lighting. Looks much better in hand.

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