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Thread: 2019 PGM Gift: Clone Trooper Poncho Statue

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    2019 PGM Gift: Clone Trooper Poncho Statue

    Concept revealed today on GG Facebook.

    Looks alright, will need to see more, just like Tarkin and Ponda Baba.
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    Looks pretty accurate to the source material. Still not overwhelmed by any of the PGM gifts.
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    Very disappointed that it's 1/7 scale. Underwhelmed doesn't even come close.

    I'm mainly a statue collector. When I see a new GG statue, is it 1/6, 1/7, 1/8 or another scale that GG will randomly come up with?

    i can understand mini statues and larger scale but not seemingly every other scale in between.
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    What other GG statues are 1/7 scale? Trying to envision the size.
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