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Thread: Original Kenner SW and ESB Toys

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    Question Original Kenner SW and ESB Toys

    Than you in advance for any counsel or advice. I've searched here and on eBay, but it's unclear what the value of these are.

    Action Display Stand for Original 12 Figures (missing the cardboard back)

    Death Star Playset (foam rubber "trash" is in bad shape)

    TIE Fighter (some corrosion in battery area - I can add a photo if needed)

    X-Wing Starfighter

    Personal Droid Transport (PDT-8) with box

    I also have this single piece of wallpaper from Star Wars
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    Display stand in current shape $50-$100 Easy
    Death Star Playset W Trash Monster $150-$200 if you have swing rope maybe $250
    Tie Fighter (If wing clips intact) $50-$65
    X Wing $25-$50 Landing gear easy to replace
    PDT in box $25
    Wall Paper $5-$10?

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    Thank you! I really appreciate it.

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