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Thread: My Playset Nr. 4 - Jabbas Palace

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    My Playset Nr. 4 - Jabbas Palace

    And here is the next one. Of course Jabbas throne room must not be missing.
    This playset includes:

    • a sliding door to enter the throne room - after a short talk with the door guard droid.
    • A simple homemade tauntaun head trophy - that (I know) is placed on the wrong side of Han. While playing you have better access to freeze, unfreeze, freeze, unfreeze……..Han in and from carbonite.
    • A mysterious door that leads to any place you like or need for the next scene.
    • A background that can be turned around to simulate day and night in the throne room – I put in two different kinds of LED (white for the “moonlight” and a LED from a LED tealight for the flickering fire of the grill – that works really nice).
    • I think you all recognize the pattern I used for the rancor grid

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    This one is really great. It has space for the main happenings in Jabba's Palace and is a perfect display piece for all those great Jabba's Palace aliens.
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    Wow! You got mad sculpting skills as well. I'm really impressed.

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    Such beautiful work. Excellent design and execution. I like how you can have all the necessary elements to a Jabba's palace, and make it in a compact design that feels right.
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    Nicely done! I wish the photos were larger so we could see more detail!

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    This looks amazing. Very nice sculpting work!

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    Really digging your compact diorama playsets. They kind of remind me of the 1982 Kenner Micro Collection. Looking forward to whatever you cook up next.

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    Yet another amazing piece! Well done!
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