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Thread: Battle Droid (AOTC) - Speculation

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    Battle Droid (AOTC) - Speculation

    Sounds like we may be getting a Geonosis version according to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pqweeduk View Post
    Anyone else surprised they have not released or even announced variations of the Battle Droid? I assumed that was a given when these first came out.
    I'm a little surprised. I'm hopeful to see some "BF2 inspired" releases down the road. (I'd love to see a Battle Droid "specialist", or "heavy") I also feel that a "Deluxe" Battle Droid with STAP would be perfect for the TPM anniversary
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    It begins! I'll grab at least one of every variation Hasbro care to make

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    While it's unlikely, I really wish Hasbro would improve the mold by making the hips balljointed and giving it anklerockers. The figures posability is severly hindered by the current leg joints. Then they could re-release the tan infantry, do security versions, OOM-9, Geonosis Battle Droid commander and tan Pilot off it.

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    Figures the Geonosis version is the one they make next. I have the SH Figuarts version. (Which hasn't fallen over since I posed it a couple of years ago.)

    The one Hasbro Battle Droid I own is in the 'folded dormant position'.

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    I just hope that the Geonosis Battle Droid comes with an alternate C-3PO head. That would rock my socks.

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