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Thread: Advice on pricing my blasters for sale

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    Advice on pricing my blasters for sale

    I am looking to put my han solo elite edition blaster and boba fett signature edition blasters up for sale.
    Before I put a price on them I was looking some guidance on current market values.

    Would appreciate any tips or advice.

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    People may have different thoughts on this, but in my opinion, ebay is generally a good indicator of secondary market prices on these MR items. Various factors will influence the price, such as the condition of everything included, and the level of completeness (do you have the shipping box, etc). You will also need to consider where you're willing to ship, and how much that will cost - particularly with the Boba Fett blaster. Additionally, I have no idea if you are able to ship something out of Ireland that looks so much like a weapon. I think some countries may have more trouble with that than others.

    I did see your post in my WTB thread (apologies for not getting back to you yet). I'll be interested to see what price you end up asking on these, but I'm worried that shipping from Ireland to the US may price me out on the Boba Fett. Still, feel free to shoot me a PM anytime.

    Best of luck with your sales!
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    Shipping blasters out of the UK is an issue, I sold a Boba blaster via ebay (prior to global shipping) and it got returned.
    With eBay GSP it might be better as they use their own contracted shippers who do their own import/export.

    Agree with Dr Jedi about prices, check recent ebay sales, not listings for going rates, remember just because someone (usually in Japan) lists it at 2k, it doesn't mean its worth 2k.

    Pm me if you want any further help, if not good luck with your sales.
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    And to add to what Dr_Jedi said do not base your prices from the "Buy it now" ones on ebay as they usually are unrealistic asking prices. As a result, they usually go unsold. Best way to figure out a fair price from ebay is watch the ones that are up for bid and see what they go for. Best of luck!

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    Still no updates?

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