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Thread: FS: Loose Complete Figures

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    Smile FS: Loose Complete Figures

    Hi all,

    I have some loose complete figures for sale. All are very nice with absolutely nothing repro. I'll never sell anything repro. I'd rather burn it.

    Anyways, US shipping is free. Insurance is optional and will cost extra at actual cost. I'll ship internationally at actual cost. PM me for a quote.

    PayPal is fine for payment. I'm always open to offers. No price is ever set in stone. I have more figures that I'll be adding for sale as soon as I can. PM me with any questions.


    Luke Stormtrooper - Great paint and solid joints. He's not minty Hoth snow white, but very nice and white nonetheless. There are a few little paint rubs on his hair. Includes coin. He has his correct black blaster. My buddy Marty AKA JediMarty met up with me at a local show and helped me match him up with the correct blaster from my weapons stash. Marty is much more well versed in blaster variations than I. Rest assured it's the correct blaster.


    * Updated with new photos showing the correct blaster out of the three I have (thanks Marty and Mike) and the clean helmet. The stuff in the helmet that I thought were paint marks turned out to be just schmutz that I simply wiped out. It's clean as a whistle now.

    Luke Poncho - Great paint and solid joints. No notable paint wear. Includes coin.


    Han Carbonite - Great paint and solid joints. No notable paint wear. No coin included.


    Sand People Hollow Cheeks - Great paint and solid joints. Only notable paint wear is a little spot on the top of his left hand. Otherwise a sweet figure.

    - SOLD

    R2-D2 Pop Up - Great paint and solid joints. The sticker has yellowed some. No notable paint wear. No coin included.

    - SOLD

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    Claim HC Sandperson please Alex!
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    Hello - You might want to take another look at Luke's blaster. That tip looks too square to be the black V1.

    Good luck with the rest of your sale.


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    Thanks for the post Mike. I see what you're talking about.

    Here's the three black blasters Marty helped me sort out. They all passed the flashlight test for being opaque. I'd be happy to include any one of the three with Luke.


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    Pm sent about the r2.

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