I am getting rid of a few loose Black Series 6" figures as I am running out of room and looking to slim down my collection. I have the following loose figures for sale:

1. Exclusive Spirit of Obi-Wan - 10
2. Luke Skywalker (X-Wing) (Original Release) - 10
3 General Veers - 10
4. Admiral Piett - 9
5. Luke Skywalker (Jedi) (missing lightsaber) - 8
6. Gamorrean Guard - 18
7. First Order Officer (from Admiral Ackbar exclusive 2 pack) - 8
8. Senate Blue Guard (from exclusive 4 pack) - 10
9. Shadow Guard (from exclusive 4 pack) - 10.

The prices are as stated above and do not include shipping. This will be charged separately, but I am happy to combine this if necessary.

All are original Hasbro releases, in good condition and complete unless otherwise stated above. They have only been displayed as part of my collection until now.

I live in the United Kingdom, but am happy to post worldwide. I will be listing more over the next few weeks and so please check back to this listing or contact me if you are after a specific figure.

Any other queries, please contact me.