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I had a horrible experience sending in a vintage G.I. Joe Skystriker in for Q grading several years ago. I was concerned about the nose of the ship breaking through the side of the outer box, so a I added a piece of bubble wrap for protection. I asked afa to keep the bubble wrap in the box after grading.

My request was sadly ignored and the Skystriker came back to me with an AFA85-Q, but the more of the plane had broke through the outer box leaving a huge hole in the side flaps. Insurance wouldn’t cover the damage due to both the shipping box and acrylic case being undamaged. They didn’t even reinforce the side flaps of the box with acrylic. I ended up selling the thing at a huge loss, because every time I looked at it I got made at AFA. I don’t know that I can trust them again.
Yeah, they are pretty callous and won't take requests. They yessed me to death before accepting my DT luke and didn't do what they said they would. They are good when it comes to authentication and the end results are good though. They said they would give me paperwork saying the part was fake but only said missing on my report. If it weren't for the email conversations, I wouldn't have any proof to give to my CC company for buyer protection.

I sent emails asking and they still haven't replied