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Thread: Luke Skywalker - X-Wing Pilot - VC**

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    I’m surprised the Xwing version is coming before the Stormtrooper Luke. Seemed there was rumors for that one first as it’s the one without a vintage card yet. But it’s a good release either way. And would be kinda cool to do a different cardback image from the first Xwing Luke. Hard to pass on a Luke figure no matter what!
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    Where this is the only figure from the three pack I haven't bought loose, it's a must buy for me. I"ll be sure to get two. Maybe three. Keep one in his trench run X-Wing, one on my Luke X-Wing shelf and one to keep carded. Hopefully the pre orders for it won't be completely crazy, and I'll be able to secure a couple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waggy View Post
    The Last Jedi caused Brexit and...sorry...wrong thread. Erm, prefer farmboy to XWing pilot. But anything Luke wise is welcome.
    Yes, a new farmboy Luke would be nice, but any newly-done Luke is welcome.
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    The 3 pack hair is much lighter than this one. It could just be the pic, but the single carded one looks like dark brown and the 3 pack is blond. Anybody else seeing this?

    The 3 pack is like Luke from E4 and the single is more like Luke from E5?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wedgeswingman View Post
    I just hope the new body means there's more X-Wing pilots in the pipeline.
    Not that many the same height as Luke though. So new parts will be needed for anyone other than Wedge.
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    Put me down for 2 of X-wing Luke. I really like that cardback.

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    I've decided I'm going to pass on this. I'm happy with the VOTC version which came with the same cardback.
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    I do like the head sculpt, So I might get a few to swap out on my existing figures. Not that I hate them, but previous X-Wing in particular is dated. Along with Yavin. I'll wait for an all new ANH figure though.
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    Looks great on this card. Definitely in for at least one.
    3.75" line = still my fav way to collect SW figs!

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    Looks good, but I too will pass on this - and also stick with my VOTC X-Wing Luke of yesteryear...
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