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Thread: Broken/Damaged Figures

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    Broken/Damaged Figures

    Anyone with any experience in what to do with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oofa View Post
    Anyone with any experience in what to do with this?

    Someone just got deployed to the Raddus hallway display ��

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    Rogue One Vader collateral damage?

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    If you have a small pin you *might* be able to stick it into the arm and then the broken peg but I don’t know how long it would last or how strong of a hold you’d get. Just an idea.

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    I've fixed this a few times and retained full articulation. What you want to do it remove the broken peg from the upper arm, heat it up and get a small flat head screwdriver and pry it out. Then take a pushpin or something to make a pilot hole in the hinge on the lower arm. You'll have to find a small screw that's head is a reasonable size to fit up into the peg hole and the threads small enough to fit in the disc hinge. Now you'll want to drill into the hinge, keep in mind if you drill too deep it will stop the hinge from moving, but you have to go deep enough to get a solid hold. If you drill a little too deep the hinge should still work, just don't screw it in all the way. I will sometimes put a little glue in the connection to make it tighter if needed. Then you'll probably have to heat the upper arm to get the head of the screw in but it should hinge and swivel just fine. I've probably done this a dozen times now, a little trail and error you'll at least have a figure still worth displaying. All my fixes hold up fine to normal posing too.

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    Interesting suggestions - it would be a perfect fit for some Vader action and thank you very much for the fix m.o.'s
    I will try to fix it, and if it fails, he's Vader-fodder
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    Two examples spring to mind. I've got a couple of later issue FO troopers whose arms have sheared at the elbow. (Those later FA trooper releases often felt more gummy and 'cheaper' than ones that came with the first wave. Some stores over here in the UK did a deep discount on that first TFA wave and I army built like mad but they almost felt like knockoffs with poor paint jobs etc.)
    the other case was that I had to stop myself from fully bending the elbow on Hera, as I could see white stress marks in the plastic and knew it would rip if I pushed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    Have many people experienced broken 6" figures? What does everyone think of the overall quality of the line?
    Never got a broken figure in the package, but I did snap the hand off of a stormtrooper once. There was no way to fix it.

    In general, I find that the quality of figures are very good. But, I have noticed a couple of figures that will have seized joints that not even the boiling water trick will move. My Jedi Luke's head doesn't have a full range of up and down and my Bespin escape Leia;s right foot will not move. Luckily it's stuck in a flat position, so she can still stand. That suits me, as I usually put a figure in a pose and they stay like that. My Boba Fett has stayed in the one position for three years. LOL.

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    In my case with this RFT, I had just boiled his feet, because they would not sit right for him to stand well (another common issue IMO).
    I had played a little with him up until that, and right after I fixed the feet, I was just going to pose the arm and it snapped.
    This surprised me a bit, and this is a first for me - I have well over 100 figures, maybe even 200 now. So 1 in 100/200 is good for me in regards to durability.
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