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Thread: My Playset Nr. 2 - Endor

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    My Playset Nr. 2 - Endor

    and here comes the endor playset. As I mentioned the space is limited, so ewoks and scouts became direct neighbors.

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    Very good job, especially on the Ewok platforms
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    Those are very playable despite the small size. At first glance I couldn't tell where the Ewok village was yours or part of the photograph.

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    Nice work and thanks for the pics.
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    You are such a good painter, it's hard to tell where the playset stops and the background photo begins. It all just blends in so nicely. Really impressive O_O
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    Agreed on the painting- I said much the same in the other thread! Loove the scratch-built bunker too
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    This is beautiful! I really love practical playsets like the ones we had as kids. They don't have to be to scale - they just have to contain the major elements and a lot of play possibilities, and you nailed it!

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    Man you are on fire! Love this forest playset too. The custom bunker really sets it off and I know I would have endless hours of fun playing with this when I was a kid.
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