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Thread: My Playset Nr. 1 - Rancor Pit

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    My Playset Nr. 1 - Rancor Pit

    Hello all,
    this is my first thread and it´s also a big THANK YOU for all the inspiration I got here.
    One year ago I was looking for ideas to build up some star wars playsets for my little son and it´s time to share the results with you. Hope you like them.
    Since we don't have much space, each playset had to work on a very small area. With the exception of the rancor pit, they all have the same size (about 20“ x 13”) and fit in the same shelf on top of each other.
    I start with the rancor pit and endor, mos eisley, the death star and jabba´s palace will follow.

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    Welcome aboard and may I say: Great start! Nice work and I am sure you and your son will have lots of fun hours with this :-)
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    Love it! The paint job is spectacular!
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    That looks like a lot of fun! I really like how you carved the rocks.

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    Woah....that is too cool. Great work and thanks for posting!!!
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    Really liking the scaling and detail of all of your custom playsets!

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    These playsets are freaking fantastic! Incredible, how much detail and playvalue you got packed into a relatively small space. The paint jobs are superb. I like the little making-of shots you included. The photography is strong all around and I love how you present your sets.
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    Awesome playset! The level of detail and play-ability is astounding. I too love how you present your photos, very professional.
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    This is so cool! I hope my Rancor pit turns out half as nice when I finally get around to making one.

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    Hasbro has got nothing on you! I just love the compact size of all your playsets.
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