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Thread: Battle of Kothlis Diorama (Crix Madine & His Rebel Commandos)

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    Battle of Kothlis Diorama (Crix Madine & His Rebel Commandos)

    For those of you who played and remember Star Wars Rogue Squadrons II: Rogue Leader, I have made a diorama of the Battle of Kothlis, when the Imperial Star Destroyer Motivator crashed onto a small island on the Bothan colony world of Kothlis carrying the Corvette Razor with the Death Star II plans. Crix Madine and his Rebel Commandos landed in a Rebel Transport near the wreckage of the Destroyer and advanced across the beach under heavy fire from AT-ATs and AT-PTs that had blasted their way out of the Motivatorís docking bays. With the walker threat neutralized by air cover from Rogue Squadron, General Madine and the commandos engaged stormtroopers and multiple E-Web blaster cannon positions before making it to the Motivatorís hull. Y-Wing bombers then made an opening in the wreckage, allowing the commandos to reach the Razor and secure the plans. The surviving commandos were picked up by the transport just before the Motivatorís core went critical.

    For my Diorama, I have Crix Madine and his Rebel Commandos disembarking onto the beach from the Rebel Transport (for the record, I did not create the Rodian or Ishi Tib customs).

    The Commando figures are fun to customize because they made so many variations in different patterns. You can see the POTF2 Endor Luke Skywalker head on the right-hand commando, which adds some nice variety.

    I created a custom Crix Madine figure by switching heads. General Madine accompanied his men in the field on many missions, so it makes sense that he wouldnít have the more formal uniform as seen in ROTJ for this particular operation. Behind Madine is a Colonel Cracken who, according to the 2018 reference book Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, New Edition, flew missions for General Crix Madine's Rebel Commandos.

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    Really well done. This is a cool set-up. Are the sand and trees from Playmobil?
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    Thank you very much Trooper31! Yes, the sand and trees are both Playmobil...they seem to work pretty well, I think.

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    I loved that game! Still have it. This brings back memories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wedgeswingman View Post
    I loved that game! Still have it. This brings back memories.
    It was a favorite of mine as well...right up there with Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire! I love the Phantom TIEs and story line in that game.

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