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Thread: The Eternals (2020)

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    Not really looking forward to this either, don't know any of the characters. Even less interested with Jolie attached.

    However, I do follow Ma Dong-Seok and Gemma Chan. So I'm kind of interested to see their portrayals. But will likely be Netflix, or Rebox.

    Even if they needed an ensemble cast after Avengers, there has to be more interesting teams than this? Also, it's not like Avengers is over, just the team roster has changed. I can't believe they thought this would be better than Capt Marvel lead team with some new faces mixed with existing members. Isn't that why it's suddenly 5 years alter, to introduce Bishop etc.?
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    I have to agree. My first (of a few) red flags was hearing Jolie was attached. Outside of Girl, Interrupted...I've never really liked a single film she's done. Eternals just feels like they're reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally reaching. I've spent my entire life reading Marvel comics and I've BARELY heard of them before this. The only two I know are Sersi (probably the most famous due to her association with Avengers) and Black Knight is the one I know the best about by far, easily the most well known (and really...he's not well known), but from what I understand...he's not even an Eternal so I don't even understand his inclusion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MysterioMaximus View Post
    I really think he deserves an R rated show and doing him any less would be an injustice, but I don't think Disney Plus is doing R ratings. So I'm a bit concerned.
    I definitely get your point, but I feel that if the comic (the only medium we've ever had Moon Knight) can do it less than R rated, then the show should be able to also. If it were an adult comic like DCs Vertigo, I'd be worried they were going to soften it too much, but he really shouldn't play out much differently than Batman.
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