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Thread: WTB Sy Snootles mini bust

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    WTB Sy Snootles mini bust

    Hi, I’m looking for Miss Snootles’ mini bust at a reasonable shipped price. Please PM me if you have one available. Would ship to Mesa, AZ 85206. Thanks.

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    Snootles’ mini bust

    I seen her on For 59.99 is that cheap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgerbing View Post
    I seen her on For 59.99 is that cheap?
    Thanks! I wasn’t expecting to find her online for anything close to MSRP.

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    Nice. I'm putting an order in too. Thanks for posting dgerbing!

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    My order arrived a day earlier than UPS said it would, which was awesome, but I opened it only to discover that AP shipped me a Droopy McCool bust by mistake. I emailed their Customer Service, but I haven't heard back.

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    Ha. Same, except I heard back. Claimed they were in the middle of a move and asked if shipping her next week would be acceptable. (Made it sound like I could keep Mr. McCool, but I'm not opening yet.)

    Hope they still have her for us. I'm staying optimistic.

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    Apparently AP's inventory was wrong, and they don't have any Sy Snootles busts. The Droopys were incorrectly entered in the system. They offered to let me keep Droopy, and refunded my order. That was nice, but now I'm on the look out for a Sy Snootles bust again.

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