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Thread: Mas Amadda...the inside man?

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    Mas Amadda...the inside man?

    So has anyone else ever wondered about this dude? What's his deal? Even from the EU I do know, he seems very underdeveloped. I mean...just how much was he aware of Palpatine's plan? So far as I know, he least eventually...that Palpatine was a Sith lord. How exactly did that go down? Was he aware of it from the get go? And for Palpatine, it just seems odd that he'd leave this guy, a potential liability, alive with all the knowledge he had. Seems like a potential loose end. He could have ousted him to the Jedi, but he didn't. Why the loyalty to Palpatine, why the trust in him Palpatine delivered? Did he have some dirt on Mas? Perhaps a sort of ultimatum? Could it just be as simple as pure fear based motivation to keep his secrets, knowing if he blabbed Palpatine would likely find out and have him assassinated? What exactly was this guys role in the ultimate plan?
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    Hi, Mas Amedda was one of the few established characters they talked about in the Aftermath novels. It seems like he was all in and knew all about Palpatine and he was left hanging dry in a collapsing Coruscant after his death.

    Let me know if you don't understand anything, please, English is not my first language. Sorry!
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    Wasn’t he just a secretary? So essentially clueless.

    On a purely superficial level, loathed his design. Such an eyesore; so OTT with the horns and the tongue; it’s a design that belongs on He-Man. TPM is such an oddity to this day: At one end of the visual spectrum, it possesses and is unrivalled in the design department. Thenon the other end of that spectrum, there’re the worst of the worst of SW designs: Mas, 2-headed announcer, Boss Nass, Ben the Podracer, and Amidalas’ purple duvet sleeping bag as a gown that makes her look plus plus plus size.

    I always got the impression that once more secured in his power, Sheev brought in the real inside woman: Sly Moore. And she was a solid design.
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    Mas Amedda was also the guy who had Chancellor Valorum's ear, who clearly was offering him bad advice that would lead to his downfall. Remember Palpatine's line in TPM: "Enter the Bureaucrat - the TRUE RULER of the Republic...and on the payroll of the Trade Federation." Clearly he WAS Palpatine's inside man, not just some wealthy lobbyist, playing on the fact that Valorum was not strong-willed, that he could be easily manipulated. All part of Palpatine's master plan, which had been alluded to all along in the original Star Wars novel. People like to get on TPM for being so much about politics, but it made perfect sense when showing just how the Emperor came to be.

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