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Thread: Johnson "defends" TLJ yet again.

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    https://www.***** <<<<< Apparently bit chute should have thought a little harder about their name...

    The Last Jedi - Re-Edit take 2 <<< click this one

    I'm just going to leave this here. It's the re-edit/fix of TLJ by Ivan Ortega. If you know about it then you should share it with others. I fully plan on this replacing TLJ in my library. It may not be perfect, but hopefully it will lead into TROS and make the viewing experience of all three more enjoyable. It fixes almost everything wrong with the movie.
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    Glad you enjoyed it, nothing wrong with that. I think TLJ should have never been made in the first place. This re-edit to me is like lip stick on a pig. I can appreciate the hard work someone did on this re-edits but in reality it’s a waste of time as far as changing someone’s mind. The movie and it’s hack director with all of his bad decisions can never be saved.

    If Disney goes ahead with him and a new SW series, it will be the biggest mistake they ever made. Well maybe the second, right after listening to KK.
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    So true! Disney is self- destructive.
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