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Thread: Kenner 12-back Luke Skywalker (Type-B), R2-D2 (Type-A)

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    Kenner 12-back Luke Skywalker (Type-B), R2-D2 (Type-A)

    Farmboy Luke (Type-B card):

    R2-D2 (Type-A card)

    I appreciate any advice on whether it is worth to have them AFA graded or not.

    Thank you!

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    Neither are worth getting graded IMHO. The heavy creasing on the Luke and the heavy bubble stem damage on the R2 would bring the grades down significantly. Most collectors will only pay a premium price if the piece grades 80 or higher and neither of those would qualify. You're better off listing them here in the classifieds with a set price. Hope this helps and good luck!

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    Thanks for sharing your opinion, James!

    I am more into MOTU Vintage Collecting, so I appreciate your help.

    I will keep R2 and Luke in my collection. Despite some flaws I like these items.

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    Trade them for MOTU stuff buddy.

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    ?? They look great. AFA it
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