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Thread: FS: Loose Last 17 figures

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    FS: Loose Last 17 figures

    For Sale, the last of my POTF / Last 17 figures:

    I reviewed all accessories on Imperial Gunnery and did both water and visual tests. As best as I can tell, all are genuine.

    Lumat w/ cardback - $70 - $65

    Amanaman w/ coin - $200
    EV-9D9 w/coin - $225 - $200

    Imperial Dignitary - SOLD
    Yak Face - SOLD

    U.S. PRICES - I will ship international, but I only ship international shipments on Saturdays. Its the only day I can get into the PO.

    Please review the photos in the link for condition each figure has at least 4 photos, some more. I'm not practiced enough on grading to even try.


    Paypal only (no friends and family payment)

    Shipping will be actual, and calculated, but assume between $8-15 depending on the figure and insurance costs.

    Prices are firm.
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    yak face and imperial dignitary have now sold

    also dropped prices
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