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Thread: Spider-Man Out Of The MCU (Thanks To Sony)

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    Just give us the Trouble story already!!!
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    I do wonder how they will address it in-world, now that almost everyone knew Peter. Will they just act like nothing ever happened, or will they make some offhand comment like Deadpool would.
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    For the record, Peter's parents were secret agents. It was in an annual or something.

    I'm not gong to fret about Spidey leaving the MCU until the next movie comes out. A lot can happen between them.
    Tony and Peter's relationship came out in the Civil War comics. The movies are glossing over decades of comics to fit their films. I'm OK with that.

    We don't need another origin story. A picture or obscure phrase is enough. I feel he was given a one off reference in the Marvel movies and I was content with that. (I haven't seen the latest movie though yet so IDK about it.). Recently, movies treat their audience like they are idiots. We don't need to be hit over the head.
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