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Thread: Spider-Man Out Of The MCU (Thanks To Sony)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LandoGriffin View Post
    this forbes piece is the most logical out there, which means no one will pay attention to it
    Yep, sounds about right.

    Sony is high off their ***** if they think audiences will just gladly go back to watching solo Spider-Man movies as if he was never part of the MCU.

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    Totally ridiculous! This would be the second time they set up a part three that could have been awesome, and now they're going to kill it before it even happens. The Sinister Six was all set to go against Andrew Garfield's Spidey, and that died. Now we have a real cliffhanger of an ending, and who knows if it will see a proper conclusion. Yes, Marvel did leave the Hulk unfinished, setting up The Leader only to not give us Hulk 2, but since it was still so early in the MCU universe, it could be forgiven more than this can.

    I thought only DC was that stupid, with how they totally ignored Green Lantern in Justice League, set up the Hall of Justice/Legion of Doom for a sequel, then decided to drop all the actors & cancel it all after the next Wonder Woman movie.

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    I always go back to my experience as a kid in the 70's reading comic books.
    I honestly didn't care back in the 70's, if Spiderman was in the Avengers or not.

    all the best Spidey Stories came from the Amazing Spiderman run..
    ..and they never included "Iron Man in the role of Uncle Ben."

    I never read the Captain America title as a kid; I never knew who the Eternals were; I never really cared.
    but I was a ravenous Spiderman fan -- that was really, the only book I cared about.

    so personally, at this point, I don't care if Spiderman is part of the 'fantastic four' movie universe, moving forward.
    Spiderman CAN carry a movie franchise all by himself. with his OWN rogues gallery.
    Spiderman IS his own thing. it has ever been thus.

    --> if Sony can just concentrate on translating some of the best Spidey Stories onto the big screen,
    and be true to the subject matter, then they don't NEED "Tony-Stark-in-the-role-of-Uncle-Ben" in order to sell this character.

    (that was just plain weird, in retrospect -- it was an obvious "shoe-horn",
    to MAKE spidey line up with the MCU, for the sake of the MCU -- like a cart before the horse).

    Sony just needs ONE GUY producing, who understands the subject matter. it could be Kevin Smith, for all I care.
    buy Kevin Feige is NOT the "end-all be-all" of comic books (IMO).
    the mental gymnastics required to make spidey fit into his MCU, was simply not worth it (IMO)*

    (this was also the problem with the andrew garfield movies, if we're honest -- all that stuff about parker's dad being a government agent (or whatever), was just too far afield).
    ((they never really stuck to the original subject matter -- any more than Feige did, with his 'tony stark as uncle ben' nonsense)).

    end of day , we've seen so many different "versions" of spiderman on screen, it's hard to keep track....
    ...but none of them are true to the Romita Years.

    why is it so hard to get this right?
    its not rocket science. (and Tony Stark has nothing to do with it).

    * Feige has managed to diminish Spidey into a secondary character -- into Iron Man's 'sidekick' (??)
    this was not necessary, to sell the character. Spiderman sells himself. he was always the BIGGEST comic title in the Marvel catalog.

    but now Spiderman is reduced to a secondary character in an MCU that is, literally, FILLED with secondary characters.
    (in the MCU : Spiderman is to Tony Stark , as Falcon is to Steve Rogers -- and that's just plain sad).

    (end of day , I respectfully disagree with the Forbes article above: with 'Endgame' marking the permanent departure of 3/5 of the OG_Avengers,
    I think the MCU needs spiderman, MORE than spiderman needs the MCU).
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    too soon ?
    "Is there anyone on this ship, who even remotely, looks like Satan?" -- James Kirk, U.S.S. Enterprise.

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    TBH, I don't know what the long term ramifications will be. I'm not really the biggest Spider-Man fan out there, but I enjoyed Raimi's movies. Albeit 3 was a bit too odd for me. But then again so was Iron Man 3.
    The two Amazing Spider-Man movies were okay, but but not something I wanted to hitch my wagon to long term. It almost felt like Sony was trying to make each movie worse then the one before it, but why.

    So from where I sit, while it's bit of a bummer, I'm not totally upset if he leaves the MCU. While I thought the cameo type appearance were okay, and neat that they were world building between the whole of Marvel characters. He is one who can be/do just fine on his own, not needing to be a regular Avenger. At least not until he graduates. It also felt like they were grooming him to be something he really wasn't in the Comics.
    It felt to me as if the were trying to make Spider-Man out to be like they did with Logan for all three X-Films. He kind of feels forced in Infinity Wars/Endgame.

    I feel it was misplaced for Disney to try and make Spider-Man, a "borrowed" character a somebody in the MCU. "Guest cast" sure, Stark's legacy? Disney probably just assumed Sony would be happy that they came along and made him a superstar again. lol

    I like the 2 new movies, but I don't think I'll ever really accept him as a main character in Avengers. Or as a major player in the MCU/M. He your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
    That said, not having him connected at all will feel odd now that we had a taste.

    Disney probably did deserve more revenue, as it seems like they put in more effort. Meanwhile Sony was just sitting back collecting Money. Unfortunately is appears that Disney got a bit big for their britches, and tried to strong-arm like they always do.. Same way Walmart strong-arms for lower costs.

    The sad part is that Disney started something with this character, and it's doubtful Sony will continue that path. Possibly be just blip in time similar to the 2 AMS Movies.

    Considering how fanboys react, I'm sure this will lead to Sony attacks rather than aimed at Disney. But I think this is more important to them than it would be to Disney. They have thousands of other characters to draw from, Spider-Man is Sony's only golden egg. Even though they own rights to 100's of characters.

    IDK, I almost feel indifferent. But then I see all those what could have been possibilities under Disney. Reverting back will just end up with more rubbish I'm sure, because they don't seem to get the character.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LandoGriffin View Post
    no .
    'nuff said.

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    For what it's worth Disney didn't exactly get the character either. Flash Thompson is a Jock Bully, not smart enough for a debate team. Nobody knows Parker is Spidey, which is a huge part of the inner struggle and responsibilities of Peter. He has no outlet, so he makes his conscious decisions with more thought and rationalization. Disney essentially took a crap all over the supporting cast. They are almost as important to the story as the gallery of Villains.
    Dont get me wrong I loved both movies, But Rami grew up reading Spider Man and nailed the characters perfectly.
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    I also wonder what effect, if any, this might have on Tom Holland's contract. Obviously, we have no way of knowing the intricate details of his deal, and it may have allowed for this circumstance. But if I was him, I might be feeling a little bit pissed right about now. He signed on to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man with the understanding it would be in a shared universe. That could have been a major selling point for him taking the job. What happens if that aspect is simply taken away? Again, this may have been stipulated in his contract from the beginning, but this seems like a pretty significant change to what he agreed to.

    Also, I was under the impression that Holland one more Avengers or crossover movie left on his contract. I thought he had a six movie deal, that was signed after Civil War. It apparently included three Spidey movies and three Avengers/crossover movies. If he makes one more solo movie with Sony, what happens to the last movie on his contract? And I guess his deal is technically with Sony, but Disney obviously has an interest in it too.

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