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Thread: Star Wars Vintage Kenner Action Figures Playing Cards

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    Star Wars Vintage Kenner Action Figures Playing Cards

    Hi Guys was on the Junkman's Instagram page and he posted pictures of the new vintage poker card deck. They look awesome and even though it's vintageplotation I'm in for POKER CARDS!!!!

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    It's the same company doing all of the other items, the posters, calendars . . . unfortunately. Incorrect accessories, figures with damage. . . Luke Endor without his poncho. It just bothers me too much. If they had just put a little bit more time and money in this I would be buying everything. I was initially very excited about the first items I saw, until I took a close look.

    I see none of the offenses on this product, however. Except for some with accessories, some without.

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    Picked these up today at barns and Nobel for $5.99

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    Biker Scout is not vintage! BOOOOO!!! Oh well I'll live!

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