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Thread: Question on Odd Action Figure Packaging

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    Question on Odd Action Figure Packaging

    Hello! My aunt collected vintage toys and we found a lot of MOCís, really awesome condition and everything. Anyways, we found this one package that says ROTJ ďAction FiguresĒ and it looks to be Ackbar and Solo in a robe. The back of the card is white and blank and all it says on the front is SW ROTJ then Kenner below that. Itíd a really really weird package.

    I would post a pic but I donít have permission. If you email me at I could send a pic.

    This is is the first time Iíve seen a blank package like this. Everything of hers has been original, sealed in box, moc etc... so I canít imagine she got a fake, there is a price tag on it too, from KB Toys.

    Thank you you for your help!!

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