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Thread: The Mandalorian - #94

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    The Mandalorian - #94

    Please use use this thread to discuss the rumoured "The Mandalorian" figure itself, it's a no brainer Hasbro would release this one. The character looks pretty neat so this one should sell extremely well.

    What's everyone want to see with this figure?

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    Judging from the images of his character I definitely want one, even though it's sort of a mix between Dengar and Boba Fett (less imp and more mando please )
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    Must have! Love the look from the promo shots. Wonder if we'll get a removable helmet with a Pedro Pascal face underneath?

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    It's a Mondo so of course I'm getting one.
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    I'm all in for Disney Fett. Looking forward to getting this guy.

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    Same as everyone here. Looking forward to him.

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    Agreed with everything so far...
    And, I might be wrong, but I think their intent is to build it up as the seasons progress. Not just the character arch, but his outwardly appearance. That is, by season 5 (hopefully it goes that far ) we should all be emotionally invested in the character while he supports a "Mandalorian Mark VI" armor with all the bells and whistles...
    Including the range finder and rocket pack I'm personally wishing for

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    One of the definite buys for me, both scales!
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    I just saw through one of my friends wholesale accounts with Hasbro there are 3 different 6” mandolorians up for pre-order. Anyone have any info on the other two.

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    WTB/WTTF Star Wars Black Series 6" Han Solo "Mudtrooper" version (multiples).

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