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Thread: Cal Kestis - Fallen Order - #93

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    Cal Kestis - Fallen Order - #93

    No pictures of this figure yet but there is rumours of a Cal Kestis, the main character from the upcoming Fallen Order video game. Anyone excited about this character being made?

    What does everyone want to see with this release?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    Anyone excited about this character being made?
    I guess it depends on what costume they decide to give him, since some of those that have been shown thus far are distinctly more aesthetically appealing than others. Apart from that, I can always use another Jedi who doesn't dress like a moisture farmer for my EU collection, certainly. I guess you could also say I'm excited that, five years into the Disney Star Wars project, they're finally introducing a new young white male character.
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    Agreed. It will depend on which outfit they decide to go with, on whether I'll get him or not. Or if it's a Priority buy, versus waiting for a sale.

    Though in all honesty, it's a bit too soon to know if I'll like the character or not.
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    Yes, the costume will be an important factor with this one. I usually don't mind whether I like a character or not, if the figure looks cool enough, I can always use it as some backgrounder or a base for another character in a different outfit.
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    Not sure if anyone know this or been posted yet, but yesterday I went to my local GS to pick up the remaining Jump Troopers there for $5 and I know the store manager very well. He mentioned the video game Star Wars the Fallen order to pre-order and if I wast to pre-order this I would get the game, alot of bonus content and the figure. I was ready to plop down $5 to pre-order and hold it for the release date and he said that the total value was $92.00 for everything and the 6 inch figure will not be sold separately! I was shocked to hear this and hopefully Hasbro don't screw us over or at least give some type of coupon or a chance to order or buy this figure somehow??

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    Have to imagine Gamestop will be sitting on a lot of 6" figures if they stick to only selling them with premium packages for the game.

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    Google image searches for this character are not too compelling to me. Does he ever wear a helmet? Looks pretty bland overall.

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    That's what I thought when I saw the first game play footage. The modeled him off the guy from Gothom who plays a Joker. And I never really thought he had that look, for an action character.
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    I try not to be too unrealistic about new releases, but I'm desperate for a Saw Gerrera figure in the Black Series. Maybe one of these Fan Channel exclusives? From:

    Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Figure – November 2019 (shared?)
    Inquisitor/Purge Trooper?

    TBS Exclusive “2” – Fan Channel (from The Mandalorian)
    TBS Exclusive “3” – “Clone Commander” Fan Channel
    TBS Exclusive “4” – Fan Channel
    TBS Exclusive “5” – Fan Channel

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