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Thread: Second Sister Inquisitor - Fallen Order - #95

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    Second Sister Inquisitor - Fallen Order - #95

    ***Possible spoilers in this thread***

    No pictures of this figure yet but there is rumours of a Second Sister Inquisitor figure from the upcoming Fallen Order video game. Anyone excited about this character being made?

    What does everyone want to see with this release?

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    I'm in for this figure although it's a shame we won't her 7th sibling variant to go with her,lol

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    Man, that actually does look pretty cool.
    How do we not have an Arc Trooper Fives in the 3 & 3/4 in. line yet?

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    I wonder if Graphite is a reference to the material of the figure - why else mention it? With the announcement of phasing out plastic packaging ...
    "Without respect - we reject!"

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    That's a cool one! I'm not much on Jedi/Sith but I gotta have this.
    Things I need
    Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch (Allfather), Titanium Boba Fett helmet
    Have: BF Shocktrooper, various TFA, Tarkin, Zuckuss
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    I wasn't actually interested at first, but now I may get her. IDK...
    Looking for:R3-H17, L3-37
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    Looks freakin' AWESOME. Definitely already excited for this figure.
    Still kind of wish big capes like this were made of cloth though.

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    Excellent looking figure!

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