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Thread: Swapping 2 Ornaments, 1 Bradford Plate, droid factory and some 6" figures

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    Swapping 2 Ornaments, 1 Bradford Plate, droid factory and some 6" figures


    A Bradford Exchange plate, a family member got me. I would like to trade it for another plate. I am open to almost any design, almost. I prefer vehicles or starships but open to others.

    The one I have is Han, Chewie, Luke and Obi-wan in the cockpit of the Falcon.


    I also have 2 ornaments I would like to trade for another.

    I have the 2005 Tie Fighter. I just put a brand new battery in it and it works fine.

    The second is a miniature box set of the Rebo Band members. There are 3 to the set.

    I would like to trade both of them for the Y-wing that makes sound. It doesnt have to come with batteries, but it does have to work.

    I have 3 of the 4 droids from the Disney Parks 4 packs for trade. These are from the Clone Wars series.


    I am open to trades for other Disney droids from other 4 packs, or singles from the Droid Factory.


    from 4 packs

    I am also open to others as well. I do not need any bb-8 series like droids.

    My have list
    Black Series Sealed
    Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader x3
    Emperor's Royal Guard

    Tusken Raider

    NECA TMNT Animated (Target) Foot Soldiers (Have both versions)
    Animated Michelangelo accessories
    NECA Gamestop Michelangelo Sealed

    Wei Jiang (3rd Party/KO)

    Complete with sticker sheets. No stickers were applied.

    Hasbro Studios Rampage (Devastator series)

    Marvel Legends -loose
    Jim Lee Cyclops
    Colossus (only normal head, I do not have the beard version)
    Yon Sarogg
    Genn Velis

    Looking for

    Action Fleet Vehicles and accessories.

    Mainly Xwings and Ywings. Would be open to other offers in this category.

    6" Black Series
    Darth Maul Archives

    NECA Animated Donatello
    NECA Movie Ralphael
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