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Thread: RS Propmaster Y-Wing Helmet

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    RS Propmaster Y-Wing Helmet

    Has anyone received their helmet yet? This is the first helmet I purchased from them, and it was ordered back in March. Seeing as it's now August, I'm a little worried about the length of time this is taking.
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    There was a time when it took RS a year+ to ship things out on occasion.

    Recently they've been fairly consistent. I get a helmet in about 2-3 months.

    Normally when they announce a product, it's already at a stage where it can be completed and shipped out in a few months.

    The Y-Wing was a special case though. Anyone that went in on one was helping to pay for its development. So I don't really expect to pay the balance and receive it for a while.

    I would personally be surprised if it's ready within the year. Maybe end of. That's just me though. I'm okay with them taking as long as possible to get it right.

    I wouldn't worry. I have 8 RS helmets and the Y-Wing on order as well. I have always have my orders fulfilled in the end.

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    I'm so bummed I missed this PO.

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    I just saw that they posted an update for the helmet on their youtube page. Looks like this one is going to take a while, so I'll wait patiently for this bad boy.
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