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Thread: Rotj Three Pack Mailer Wicket Teebo Paploo

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    Rotj Three Pack Mailer Wicket Teebo Paploo

    Just looking for a value on this three pack I have seen some sales of similar but have no clue what this one would go for nowadays. It's in pretty mint condition figure wise all the figures are sealed and the baggies are really clear. The box is pretty nice some sticker residue but nice and white no dents really and no rips. Its all there so pretty nice, any pricing would be great. Thanks

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    Hi JawaJawa

    Paploo is a tough baggie to find, however did the tape come off and stick to the wicket baggie?

    The box in great condition from what I can see. I have seen these complete w/unopened bagged Ewoks for $500-$750.

    There is a loose set on EBay going for about $450 with loose figures when you include shipping

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    Thanks for the advice and the tape did not come off. It may just be the picture that I used that made it look like that. They all seem to be really well sealed.

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    Out of curiosity what do you think each ewok would go for individually as well as just the box? I am absolutely not going to separate any parts of this but just wondering. Also what do you think this might grade and what would it go for graded? Thanks for the help

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    Paploo would go for about $250-$300
    Wicket $100
    Teebo $50-$75
    Box would be $300

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