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Thread: Collections in the UK

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    Collections in the UK

    Hi United Kingdom Star Wars fans and collectors!

    I just thought I would create a place to display collections belong to us UK mmembers. Please feel free to post away!

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    I regularly update with pictures of my collection in the Sideshow limelighting forum.
    Mostly Hot Toys 1:6 scale, but there’s a little bit of other lines as well. Skip to the last pages to see my latest acquisitions.

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    This was the glory days! LOL

    Vintage is gone if is it hasn't been updated in the modern line - I cashed in after the value peak post-Rogue One. All the PT vehicles and most of the figures are gone now as well - kept droids and clones though.

    Currently have a lot more Disney Droid factory astromechs, too. I will be assessing how I feel after the new skiff and guards arrive as to whether a lot of the rest gets sold off. Product selection and frequency are no longer doing it for me to be honest.
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    May you live in interesting times.

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