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Thread: TVC UK Collectors

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    TVC UK Collectors

    Live in the UK and collect The Vintage Collection?

    Then show us what you got folks!
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    I was wondering this then noticed your thread. There’s lots collectors in the Uk findings and buying thread, but rarely do we see anyone’s collections displayed.
    Do most people acquire and store rather than display?

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    Over there, next to LIDL in the UK

    ATM I store but it’s a small collection. I display bits.
    Always look on the bright side of life...

    WTB: Vintage Collection Hoth AT AT. Either the box on its own or the box with vehicle.

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    Been collecting Star Wars figures since 1997, and jointly own over 1,000 with my twin brother. Our shared collection is at our parents house and includes most of the original run of TVC (all opened!). Since I've now moved out I've started a sub collection of my own: carded TVC Imperial troops (have to keep a narrow focus to stop myself just buying everything over again!).

    This is where I'm up to:

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    Looks like a great collection of troops, CBrazier!

    I cashed in on my VOTC and TVC(2010) to fund my Hot Toys collection, but i've started collecting the TVC(2018) Rogue One and Solo figures.

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    Get 'em opened!
    May you live in interesting times.

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    Never! It's all about the cardback for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herb View Post
    Never! It's all about the cardback for me.
    Great set of figures! Very jealous of the Assault Tank driver with english-only name pill - I got mine from The Entertainer, so it has the English and French name, which doesn't look as good. Hoping to track down an english-only at some point. Likewise for the Death Trooper. Athough I fear I may have missed the boat on both!

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