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I mean I knew I wasn't alone in my interpretation, but I was starting to think I was alone on Rebelscum. Hah! So glad to see I'm not alone. See for me, I don't really understand how it's that shocking TO interpret it as a middle finger. The context of the scene involves Finn revealing he's been lying. He's selfish! He then has the nerve to ask BB-8 to keep his secret. It's rude! I think BB-8 essentially begrudgingly agreeing but with an added "Screw you!" adds up. Not to mention, it always gets a big laugh. The middle finger is just...well...funnier than a thumbs up, which is more cute than humorous. Just because Finn gives a thumbs up doesn't really mean anything toward the context of his reply. But I mean, if it's confirmed the intent of the scene was a thumbs up, there it is. But I never originally saw it that way.
Considering that everyone sees things differently, it's quite normal to see why you interpreted what you saw. If we all had read the script prior to or even just after the movie, then there would be no room for speculation on it. Even though it's common knowledge that not all people see things the same exact way, they're still ridiculed for presumably being wrong.

TBH, it could be viewed either way. Since this is in essence a kids show, i couldn't see them doing the middle finger gag. But it totally fits with today's sarcasm as humor, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if that was the intent.