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Thread: I Miss Toys R Us

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    I Miss Toys R Us

    Yes - they were expensive. They weren't perfect. But at least they had a focus and their aisles were full even if distribution missed from time to time with their adult collectors. Walking into Target and Walmart these days is depressing. You would think they would put a little more attention into their toy section given the vacuum that is left by Toys R Us.

    Target shelves are empty and in disarray. They are starting to look like KMart. It's a complete s##t show.

    Walmart not much better. A little neater, but plenty of empty space.

    Of course there are stacks and stacks of Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2 toys warming the pegs. So...

    ...Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe kids just don't care anymore. They have their electronics. It's a natural evolution.

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    I miss TRU as well... simply because it was just a toy store. it was wall to wall toys. Target and Walmart are ok but don't hold a candlestick to TRU. I think the majority of my collection has been purchased through TRU over the years.
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    The lack of TRU is why I will spend Force Friday on my computer. When a strictly toys store can't be counted on to have tons of figures available for an event, how can you expect WM or Target to have enough? Scalpers ruined FF for TPM & ATOC for me, but all the rest from ROTS & beyond were some fun times, waiting in line for 3 hours with other fans, just talking about the things we love and what we hope to see in the movies. Just won't be the same this time.

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    Walmart must have heard me complaining. Walked in this morning and they had multiples of the new Marvel Legends two-packs (Korg and Gamemaster, Lewis and Ghost, Hela and Skurge) as well as most of the X-Men Retro carded figures - except Silver Samurai, the one i wanted.

    Went to Target at lunch. Looks like the restacked everything to at least make it neat, but nothing new.

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    I miss it to an extent. I didn't have many memories from TRU. If Walmart or Target didn't have what I was looking for, I used TRU as a last resort because of the prices. The last thing I remember buying there was a 6" Asty, I never saw him at Target or Walmart. After that I bought some things there when they were closing. I actually bought a few things for my new house, and bought only 2 or 3 Star Wars items.

    I think its just the nostalgia, and it being a part of my childhood is why I was sad to see it go. It definitely feels weird not having an actual toy store now. Now its like "Hey do you want to go to the toy... section?" lol. I'm still single, no kids. I do want to be a father one day, and the other part that stings is if I do have a kid I can't share the excitement of going to a toy store with him/her.

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    I'm "Lucky" in that I have 2 stores fairly close to me and one was in the same plaza for one of my jobs so I could go in several times a week. The other one I would drive by often enough for my other job so I would go to it a couple of times a month. That store was better as it didn't have a scalper clearing it out of all the good stuff. (An employee told me the scalper was called when a new shipment came in so I'm not just feeling hard done by.)

    That being said, Other than the first 2 waves, the only Vintage collection figure that was new was Stormy Han. I could have bought the Retro figures had I wanted. There were there for 2 days before being sold out.

    As much as I'd like to buy stuff there, it usually comes in well after I have already picked it up, and even their discounts are more expensive that other venues. Their online deals are infuriating.

    I still enjoy browsing there, especially when their theme song comes on. It is a fun place to decompress.

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