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Thread: New Kenner Droids Acquisition and Help Authenticating Kez-Iban Blaster

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    New Kenner Droids Acquisition and Help Authenticating Kez-Iban Blaster

    Hi guys,

    I've been a longtime reader of the Rebelscum news, and just joining the forums finally. I recently got back into collecting some of the Vintage Kenner line. I was able to get a lot of Droids figures (R2, Jann, Jord, and Kez-Iban). I'm pretty confident the saber and rifles with this lot were all authentic and correct, however, I'm a little stumped on whether or not the blaster with Kez is the right color. I'm fortunate, in that I do have my childhood figures and weapons for comparison.

    The blaster I got with the Kez-Iban passes the float and drop tests, but it appears to be a blue/black blaster instead of the full black. Below are some comparison photos against a Thall blaster I got a while back from a trusted source. The top row of photos are of the blasters against an incandescent Maglite, and the bottom photo is of the blasters against a very powerful, tactical LED light. After doing this comparison test, I also want to confirm the Thall blaster is correct for him, as there is a small amount of transparency around the tip and forward sight. The Thall blaster appears to be black and solid against the incandescent light, but does have some transparency against the high powered LED. The Kez blaster appears to be the blue/black version and transparent, so not the right blaster for him.

    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Am I even doing the light test right? Is there a better light source to try and use?
    Thanks for your help.

    Kez: Thall

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    You are doing the test right. I hate to say it, but it's the wrong blaster because if you can see any blue at all then it's not a true black. Even the darkest blue/blacks will shine blue through the top fin.

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    Neither one of those blasters goes with Kez or Thall.
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