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Thread: Prototypes or first shots

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    I hope their first shots! There in good condition also! You might have your Star Wars Estate Sale Lotto Ticket???

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    I ordered the weapon it should be here by Friday then Iím going to shortly send them out to AFA I believe itís somewhere around 100 bucks per guy to get graded I sure hope itís worth it if they grade good does anyone might know what the value may be

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    If they are first shots you're looking at a few thousand,making the $100 a fig to get graded well
    worth the investment . K

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    ROI, you don't say.

    I wonder how many 1st Shots AFA has graded, total, to this point ?
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    Well theyíre packaged up and shipped off to AFA weíll see what happens

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    So I received one of the four action figures I sent off which was snaggletooth Blue he came back as a 70 Ex plus The other three got shipped out today and theyíre on their way back this is the email I received Iím assuming they are all certified as first shots if theyíre sending a COA with them

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    This is cool - I hope they are first shots!
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    Awesome, big congrats!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waggy View Post
    This is cool - I hope they are first shots!
    I believe they will be but not sure if they werenít I donít see why they would send a COA with it

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